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About Martha Dominguez, M.A.


On the night that Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon, Martha F. Dominguez read her first book on Astrology, What about the Moon and the planets? she wondered as the sun rose in the morning. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Seven years later, Martha was practicing Astrology in Barcelona, Spain.


Life can have a way of derailing us all and, after raising her daughter and a long career as a Spanish interpreter and translator, Martha is a practicing astrologer again. 

Education & Career



With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Louisiana State University, people's thoughts and evolution has always interested Martha. Her knowledge of Spanish and Master's degree in Translation has helped her to understand astrology better. She is also a poet and has an upcoming book, Journey Home: An Immigrant's Reflections, a memoir through poetry. 


She has been an educator in the fields of Chemical Dependency, English as a Second Language, and Astrology. 

Ceremonial Astrology​

Martha  practices Western Astrology and specializes in Ceremonial Astrology. This , practice focuses on developing intuition.

“In our rush towards science and modernity, we have forgotten ancient wisdom. What I've learned may help others open the gates to intuition and self-growth. I hope that what I share will bring about the integration of ancient and new knowledge, and create opportunities for personal transformation.”​ .

Mostly self-taught, Martha began studying astrology on July 20, 1969. I remember the date distinctly because it was the day on which Commander Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon at 10:56 PM EST. [1] 

She remembers because on that day Neil Armstrong took his "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." She was living in New Orleans at the time. Her roommates and she were watching the Moon landing with their downstairs neighbors. Shortly after we watched it, she left the gathering to go to bed. 

When she arrived upstairs, she was too excited to go to sleep. Her roommate had left Linda Goodman's Sun Signs on the dining room table and she proceeded to read it cover to cover until the sun came up the next morning. 

"This is only the tip of the iceberg," Martha thought at the time. Her interest in astrology grew and she continued studying astrology throughout her life. Martha began studying shamanism in 1988 after a life-changing accident. 

Martha studied Astrology with la Sra. de Pablo in Madrid, Spain, Bruce Marshall i nCleveland, Ohio, and Jeffrey Brock and Diana Hammerstein in Southeast Florida. She attended NCGR and South Florida Astrological Association in Florida.

She studied shamanism and ceremony with Myron Eshowsky from the Foundation for Shamanic StudiesLittle Elk from the Rosebud Reservation, Grandmother Twyla from the Wolf Clan Lodge, and her Spiritual Guides.

* * * 

[1] Source: NASA


Source Unknown.

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