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Birth Charts


An astrology birth chart, also known as a natal chart, is a representative picture of the location of the planets at the time of your Birth. It is viewed from the perspective of the Earth and requires you to know the exact time, date, and place of your birth. A chart provides information regarding your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you understand how you interact with other people and the best timing for decisions and opportunities. Also, it can also offer valuable insight into your spiritual path and growth.


Without a proper birth time, you will not know your ascendant or the cusps of the houses. Also, it will not be possible to determine the accurate position of the Moon’s and the houses into which she and the other planets fall. That said, you will still have a lot of information about your energetic make-up and planetary relationships.

- One-hour in-person consultation if you live in Southern Florida, or via a Skype or Facebook chat.  

- Written report.

- Twenty minutes follow up within the next month for additional questions.  

Lunation Consultations

Many of us in western culture are so removed from nature that we have forgotten how important the influence of the Moon is. As a farmer, a hunter, or a fisherman, however, and they will remind you that the plants, animals, and tides respond to her influence. 

Since we are 85% water, so do we, but we have forgotten this. Taking the time, twice a month to recognize this and dance with the Moon and the Sun is a reminder of your ancestral roots. 

Explained in the Lunation Ceremony, you want to create an affirmation at the time of the New and Full Moon. There is a generic energy at the time, but if you truly wish to witness change, you want to personalize the energy, make it fit in with your personal birth chart. 


Join with friends at the time and together, you can create transformation!



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Price Menu

  • 1 Month: a 30 minute consultation with affirmations for the New and Full Moon. 

  • 3 Months:   A 30-minute consultation with affirmations for the

  • New and Full Moon.. 

  • Six Months:   A 45-minute session and affirmations for the New and Full Moon.

  • 12 Months: A one hour session with affirmations for the New and Full Moon for a years. 




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Additional Consultations; 

Give yourself or someone else a happy birthday gift and review transits, progressions, and solar returns for the next year.  This type of consultation, based on traditional astrology, provides insight into the upcoming year-what to expect and how to handle anticipated possibilities. Or, give them a gift of the lunation and help them create transformation!

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