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New Moon in Libra, September 26, 2019


September 28, 2019 @ 2:26 PM *** ☉& ☽ 5° Libra 20”

The Sun and Moon in Libra

All lunations in Libra heighten our need for relationships. This one is no exception. However, this New Moon has a few aspects that are not precisely copacetic with love and happiness.

Opposing Chiron and squaring the Part of Fortune the Lunation may not fix the broken relationships of the past or create a new one with someone else. However, it can help heal them.

Perhaps it may not even be about you and your relationships, but those of a friend. After all, Chiron was unable to help himself. A happy Venus can allow you to heal without too much emotional investment, and Venus is happy in Libra.

For the story of Chiron, see the endnote.[i]

But you may have to work a bit at facing the music because Uranus is tightly quincunx the Lights. You'll have a bit of a blind spot there and may not be aware of the flashes of intuition that Uranus can offer you. So be hypervigilant. Pay attention. Listen carefully to your intuition.

As the ruler of the Lunation, Venus will bless you with tranquility and balance, maybe even the ability to compromise. Surround yourself with beauty as you pamper yourself physically and emotionally. Self-love can help you feel the full impact of on her good side.

Although she is in her sign, Venus is very actively thinking. Her conjunction with Mercury stimulates your mind. It’s a great time to meditate and to surround yourself with intellectual beauty.

Seek pleasant people and stimulating conversation and entertainment. Now is the time to revisit the museums, enjoy cultural events, listen to lovely music, and read those beautiful art and poetry books you’ve been putting off. Consider that Venus is quincunx Neptune and square Pluto, so there will be a tendency to daydream and to worry about the state of the world. Focus on the meditation and the music, and try to let those negative issues go.

Maybe it's time to begin a redecoration project if you have been considering it. Or, purchase that picture or item of clothing you’ve been eying forever. At least, take the time to clean out your closet and home. Keep only those things that you love and appreciate.

Also, don't forget, Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter in Sagittarius is in the 4th house for those of us in the East Coast. Saturn remains Capricorn conjunct the North Node (the things we bring in with us) and closing in on Pluto.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are in their signs and doing their own thing, unaffected by Venus. Jupiter, sextile to Neptune, may gift you with dreams and help you remember your ideals. After all, Jupiter and Venus are in an exact trine to each other.

Saturn, on the other hand, is a handful. Venus just it as it moves towards Pluto. There is a sense of the state of the world and the need to transform it.

However, these thoughts won't keep you awake at night as they did two weeks ago. Consider that Libra is an "object," a machine. One of the meanings of this glyph is that you have the possibility of detaching from your emotions. You can evaluate your life and your needs objectively.

Please click on my website for the rest: Please click on my website for the rest:

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[i]Story of Chiron:

Known as the “Rainbow Bridge,” Chiron was discovered in 1977. In 1980-81, the first asteroid ephemerides. We don't know if Chiron is a comet with a tail or a very small planet.

Regardless of what he is, here is a brief story of the half human-half horse being for whom Chiron was named. The head of the centaurs, Chiron lived in a cave in Mt. Pelion, where he taught the children of the wealthy from Athens and other cities.

He was also a good friend of Heracles (Hercules.) And when Hercules was performing his twelve labors, he came home and visited his friends. With him he had a quiver of arrows dipped in poison and a bottle of wine.

Hercules had forgotten that Centaurs had very sensitive noses. When Hercules opened the bottle, the Centaurs got drunk on the fragrance of the wine. They started to fight and, during the fight, one of the arrows pricked Chiron.

A lot of time passed, and he learned so much about healing that he became a healer. Chiron even learned to bring back the dead. However, he did not learn how to heal himself.

Finally, Chiron went back to Zeus and asked him to make him mortal again so that he could die. Zeus placed him in the sky as either Sagittarius or one of the Centaurs.

Astrologically, the planet Chiron signifies a sore wounded place that has not yet healed. Wherever it aspects a place in your chart, it signifies an area that needs healing.

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