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Full Moon in Aries

October 13, 2019 @ 5:08 PM*** ☉20° Libra 14”&☽20° Aries 14”

Source for graphic: Time Passages

The Aries Full Moon

As the Moon and Sun face each other at 20° 14” of Aries and Libra, they square Pluto at 20° 40” of Capricorn. The opposition they create forces us to confront ourselves (Aries) and those with whom we have meaningful partnerships (Libra.) The T-Square makes us face our sense of fear and doom. This aspect reminds us that the rules and values we have lived with during most of our lives are unraveling.

From now to January, when Saturn conjuncts Pluto, we must face the music and embrace our ability to be courageous. The next few months will force us to evaluate ourselves. Follow the advice of the Serenity prayer. Find “the courage to change the things we can, the serenity to accept the things we can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

During this lunation, most of us will be on the outside looking in. However, if this aspect impacts something in your chart, then it will be personal. Ask yourself, what part can you play now?

What do you have around 20-21 degrees in your chart, particularly in cardinal signs? If you have something in Cancer, you will create a Grand Cross, which will make you feel trapped.

The Sabian Symbols

The Sabian Symbol[1]for the Sun in Libra 21: A SUNDAY CROWD ENJOYING THE BEACH.

KEYNOTE: A revivifying contact with the Mother-force of nature and of social togetherness.

The sea is the vast matrix from which living organisms originally emerged. It also symbolizes the collective Unconscious, the “matricial” [sic] envelope of the biosphere within which consciousness takes individualized forms.

The consciousness of human beings is given specific form by the culture in which they live and the particular occupations they carry on in everyday work. But it is very good and healthful for their minds to become revitalized by collective experiences and deep feelings of undifferentiated unity as they merge in the vast refreshment of the planetary “Mother” where “she” is most dynamic, unlimited and unconfined by boundaries. …

We may speak here of OCEANIC FEELING, born of attunement to the most basic rhythms of existence, at whatever level it might be.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in Aries 21: A PUGILIST ENTERS THE RING.

KEYNOTE: The release and glorification of social aggressiveness.

Here we find potency glorified as muscular strength and will-to-power. Because it is potency operating at a harshly competitive level, it can and often does imply the possibility of defeat or disfiguration.

In one sense the symbol translates into social terms the primordial struggle for survival of the fittest, adding to it an eagerness for social fame and social power (i.e. money). In another sense, the ring with two fighters in it can be referred to the Tai Chi symbol and the interplay between Yang and Yin.

Each of the two types of energy wins in turn. Victory is always temporary in a dualistic world. …

The symbol reveals man’s deeply rooted feeling of admiration and envy for whoever can generate OVERWHELMING POWER.

The Other Aspects of the Full Moon

Chart Rulership: Venus and Mars are in mutual reception and in co-rulership. In this position, the two planets help rather than confront each other. That means that Mars’ aggressiveness is toned down and Venus’ ability to attract what we need enhanced.

Behaving as if she were in Libra, Venus lends us a hand to like ourselves better, particularly in relationship to others. Since she rules Mercury, she has access to the information we need to make smart decisions about others. With Uranus in opposition, we can create unexpected choices about our relationships.

Mars helps us to be clear about who we are. He actively pushes to go for what we want, by persuasion rather than force.

Jupiter at the top of the chart at 20°07” of Sagittarius makes a tight trine to the Moon. His mission? To offer you help to come to terms with your fear. Plus, the semi-sextile to the Sun provides you with the tools to understand yourself better.

Mercury and Neptune are dancing together, too. Coming together in a water trine, they unite the dreaminess and hopefulness of Pisces with the determined energy of Scorpio. Their hopefulness offsets the darkness of Saturn closing in on Pluto, if only for a while. Neptune is also sextiling Saturn.

A Generic Affirmation: I release my fear of having to be someone I’m not so I will be loved.

If you are not sure of how to apply this information or wish some help developing your unique affirmation, contact me at 305-978-9281. Text first or leave a message if you do not get me. I do not usually answer phone numbers I do not recognize


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