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Martha's insight is soul-infused, creative, clear, and helpful in navigating the journey of soul unfoldment. It has been m true pleasure to know Martha and work with her as I discover, undergo and grow through life's cycles. It's gratifying to see her work now available to a wider audience.

Jim A. 

Plantation, FL 

When I met Martha and found out about her work, I was intrigued and immediately set up an appointment for a Natal Chart and Consultation. It was my first experience with this kind of reading and I was so taken by all the information she had to provide me.


Her interpretation of the chart was the part that I loved the most, since she has such a way with words and is incredible at this work. I received and understood the whole reading, she was magnificent and her work speaks volumes.


I really love her ability to explain and relate what the chart said to my life, she really had me connect that it is not a separate think I’m just looking at. This was in fact my life , and cosmically it all made sense.


She also has incredible language from her training and development through the years, but most of all she really gets our humanity. Martha was able to have me see that the things that I critized about myself were actually things built in me on a cosmic level.


I have to say that was mind blowing, and so eye opening. To this day I always remember her saying certain things to me that remind me to go easy on myself and really use the tools that I have acquired through all the work I have done.


Her work is powerful and she is fulfilling her place in this world and the work she is meant to take on in service to others! As far as her rates, I say they are absolutely fair and I was happy to compensate her for all the work she puts into it!


Evette D.

Miami, FL 


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