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"The best way to predict the future

is to create it."

Abraham Lincoln

Astrology for Transformation 

Individuals consult astrologers to understand themselves and their options better. In the process, they obtain a lot of information. As they walk away from their consultation, thoughts go through their heads. “Now that I have all this data, what do I do?”

The problem is that while Astrology informs; it seldom helps those that seek its counsel to transform. And it is at this juncture that Astrology for Transformation can be helpful.

The unique perspective of Astrology for Transformation combines astrological timing and shamanic ceremony to open the door for transformation to occur. As Lincoln implied, it is not predictive; it is creative.

About “Transformation”

The New Age movement co-opted the word "transformation" and made it its hallmark. The term was thrown around to mean inner growth and change. However, the meaning is more specific. Derived from Old French and Latin, "transformation" indicates:

  • A marked change in form, nature, or appearance 

  • A metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal, or 

  • The induced or spontaneous change of one element into another by a nuclear process.[1]

Within the context of Astrology for transformation, the word signifies a spiritual or inner evolution that changes how individuals perceive themselves, others, and their environment.

As people transform, they change emotionally and intellectually. These changes impact how individuals interact with others, care for themselves, and the choices they make about work, relationships, and philosophy. Transformation often results in physical changes as well. Often the happiness and lack of stress that ensues make people appear more relaxed. They might even glow. 

Astrology’s Role 

Consider Dane Rudyard’s words. “Astrology is a technique for the study of life-cycles.”[2] The Soli-Lunar cycle, also called the Lunation, is of particular interest to Astrology for Transformation. It serves as the pattern for understanding all the other planetary cycles. 

The Lunation is the most straightforward and amenable cycle to follow, for it is the most visible in the sky. Observable every month, the changes exemplifies the process of transformation, and they create a calendar in the process. 

Calendars are the most widely used timekeeping device available. Most of us function with two of them. Consciously, we use the Gregorian calendar. We also work with the lunar one, consciously or unconsciously. 

Pope Gregory XIII gave us the Gregorian Calendar, which reflects the Earths’ orbit around the sun. Gregory presented his calendar to the world in October 1582. The rest is history. It has a tropical year of 356.2422 days.[3]

The Lunar Calendar 

The Lunar calendar unfolds in the background. Around since humans began, there is evidence of its use as far back as 30,000 BCE. Anyone who farms, fishes, or hunts is aware of this calendar. 

The Gregorian or solar calendar has twelve months; it includes a leap year every four. The lunar calendar has +/- 13 New and full Moons cycles every year. It adds extra days every four years, as well. 

When you weave the two calendars together, you can create a timeline for transformation. And that is the key to Astrology for Transformation. Using the calendar, you can hold a bi-monthly New and Full Moon Ceremonies. When you integrate this practice with the astrological calendar, you create a timetable for transformation. 

With this work, it is essential to celebrate both the New and Full Moon. That is because you can give birth to an idea or concept during the New Moon. At the Full Moon, you take a step back, evaluate your progress, and determine what—if anything—has gotten in the ways of you manifesting your desires. 

The wisdom and brilliance of this yin-yang process is timing. You have approximately a month, 28-29 days, to work on an affirmation. Then the concept changes. You get to move forward and work on a different issue. However, you have established the habit, and a year later, you can revisit your progress and success. 

Tie It Together 

By tying the Lunation with Astrology, you have a focus that offers three options:

  • Generic: You can pick a focus without dealing with astrology. Many who practice magic, do this. They release what they want to at the Full Moon, bring in what they need at the New. 

  • Astrological: By understanding what sign the Moon falls into at the New and Full Moon, you have a generic calendar. Most people around the world will be following that calendar, so it has a lot of power.

  • Personalized: By superimposing the Lunation chart on yours (transits) and examining your chart, you have an even more powerful and customized calendar to follow. By tweaking it, you increase the possibilities of transformation. 

Doing this once creates little change. Doing it consistently for at least six months or longer begins to manifest change and transformation. That is my experience. 

Get Started


To start this process, you will need: 

  • A copy of your chart and a basic understanding of it,

  • A copy of the New & Full Moon Charts & the Mandala with an understanding of it

  • Knowledge of ceremony

  • A level of comfort with the process of intention 

  • A practice of gratitude and forgiveness 

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