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Full Moon in Capricorn, 2019


July 16, 2019 @ 5:38 PM *** ☉ 24° Cancer 04” & ☽24° Capricorn 04”

Source for graphic: Time Passages

The Sun in Cancer

The Sun represents ourvitality, ego, will, individuality, purpose, authority, creativity, and pride. Who you are; your spiritual make-up; your fundamental character. In cancer, which signifies our emotions and maternal instincts, the way we were raised, our family, and our roots. When this placing occurs, our homes are highlighted. So, it is time to consider not just our immediate home—the one we live in—but our country as well. It is not a coincidence that we often call our country “the Motherland.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun on Cancer 25: A willful man is overshadowed by a descent of Superior Power.

KEYNOTE: The response of spiritual forces to the integration of personality through positive will-full endeavors.

We are dealing here with a man who uses his will and positive imagination in facing his life problems. To him comes a Pentecostal descent of power. He receives the “mantle of power,” the grace (Baraka in Sufi philosophy) or the Providential assistance which can make him a true leader in his culture.

In this fifth symbol, we witness a more transcendent expression of “success.” It is not merely external success (as is given by society to its prima donnas), but a spiritual response, a sign of inner strength and uncommon ENDOWMENT.

The Moon in Capricorn

This placing presents us with a slightly different reality. The Moon stands for our soul, emotions, and feelings. How we respond intuitively to events in our life. It also signifies the women in our lives, our mother in particular, and the public at large. In Capricorn, the Moon is shedding lights on our institutions, our government, and the need to get our emotions in hand and get on with business.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon on Capricorn 25: A store filled with precious oriental rugs.

KEYNOTE: The use of cultural and artistic processes as means to enhance personal comfort and appreciation.

Coming after the preceding symbol this one brings us back to the material, yet esthetic, aspect of the benefits a society can bring its members. A “rug” always implied to some extent something on which a person stands or sits. It is a foundation for cultural “under-standing,” and as such it can have a magical or sacred meaning, as in the case of prayer rugs. The “woman in a convent” probably knows only the bare floor, because her goal is one of transcendence, of surrendering comfort as well as cultural patterns. But to the social elite, or even to the oriental devotee praying to his god, society offers the relative comfort of beautiful rugs so he may meet the universe, not merely in terms of the support the natural soil gives, but protected by and securely established on the mental-spiritual as well as manual achievements of those who keep the cultural symbols alive.

This is the last symbol in the fifty-ninth five-fold sequence. It shows the beautiful products of dedicated and inspired group performance at the level of tradition. It emphasizes the value of RELIANCE ON TRADITION.

Sabian Symbols:

Copy and paste. For cancer:,

Cor Capricorn:

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

By its nature, an eclipse intensifies the potency of a lunation. This means that at this time of releasing (Full Moon) you will be intensely aware of what you need to get rid of to strengthen you home (Cancer) in relation to your public life (Capricorn.)

Because this is both a Full Moon and an Eclipse, whatever you affirm to release, will have far more reaching effects that it would only be a lunation. So, while you can focus on a generic affirmation, such as releasing emotional baggage to strengthen the organizational structures in your life, the affirmation will carry far more power if it is personalized. Where do 24°04” degrees of Cancer and Capricorn fall in your chart? Remember, this is a Full Moon. That means the Sun and the Moon are staring at each other; they cannot ignore one another. It’s time to face the music.

Chart Rulers: Saturn and Mercury

Saturn in Capricorn is the ruler of this Full Moon. Its influence cannot be ignored as the Moon (in Capricorn) and Saturn (in Capricorn, its ruler) flank Pluto and bring their powers together. This is an emphasis on responsibility. Time to lay aside hysterics and emotions. Focus your affirmation on this and release whatever stands in your way of embracing responsibility or yourself and others you care for. The Moon will bring its light to shine on whatever is hidden and give you clarity.

Consider the role of Mercury as well. It is ruled by the Sun in Cancer, in turn, ruled by the Moon, which is in Saturn. There is no way to avoid dealing with our responsibilities and letting go of whatever stands in our way to doing so.

About Jupiter, Neptune, and a Yod to Venus and the North Node

There is one more planet to consider: Jupiter. It stands alone conjunct the horizon at the time of this Full Moon. It is semi-sextile to the South Node and forms the two branches of a Yod with Neptune to the North Node, just missing a direct connection to the lunation, until we analyze the aspects.

Consider the meaning of the Yod. It is a triangular pattern that brings together two planets separated by 60 degrees (a sextile) that quincunx (150-degree angle) to a third. Yod, a Hebrew letter, means “The Finger of God (Yahweh).” The meaning of Yahweh is “I am.” Thus, it affirms we can ask for help from God (Yahweh), the Creator, the Universe, or whatever sense of a Higher Power or something bigger than us. The answers will be forthcoming.

What is interesting about this Yod is not only the two planets in sextile (Jupiter and Neptune) in a Yod to Venus and the North Node of the Moon. Jupiter represents abundance, Neptune our strongest desire or delusion, Venus what we can attract, and the North Node is our path or fortune. In other words, this lunation not only allows us to let go of whatever stands in our way of assuming our responsibilities, but we can also ask for help and attract whatever we need to release our delusions about our responsibility and see our answers clearly. Reinforcing again, the powerful aspects of this lunation.

Where in your chart is ☉24°a04” & ☽24°g04”? Use this information for the focus of your affirmation.

  • Before the Full Moon, look at your chart that of the lunation. Figure out your affirmation, if possible twenty-four hours before

  • Have a ceremony, if possible six hours before or after the Full Moon. Have it alone or gather some friends, the more, the merrier. Click on XX forsome suggestions.

  • Since this is an Earth-Water lunation, find a small rock, write your affirmation on paper, and right after the Full Moon, speak your affirmation to the world, and release all that stands in your way to embracing responsibility, within 24 hours after the Full Moon.

If you cannot fit your ceremony within the framework of this time, use the following Mandala and, when you open your circle, as explained in the ceremony section of my website, use the colors of the Mandala and the planets. You will be within that energy framework as long as you perform your ceremony within 48 hours before or after the lunation.

Mandala for Full Moon in Capricorn. Turn to Mandala Section for a More detailed explanation.

A Generic Affirmation: I release whatever stands in my way of having a safe and secure home that enables me to soar and show my power publicly.

For a Personal Affirmation: If you are not sure of how to create your own affirmation or wish help, I will assist you in determining where the lunation falls in your natal chart, and how it impacts your personal aspects. Click here for more assistance:

For example, if you have a Cancer ascendant, it is an excellent time to release emotional baggage (Sun in Cancer 1sthouse) and prepare to embrace new aspects of how you relate to the partners in your life (Moon in Capricorn 7thhouse.) If we are dealing with a second-eighth house relationship, then it will affect your sense of security and finances. It all depends on your aspects.

Please mention that you are part of my lunation group or a new client for a discount. Thank you.

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